holiday decorations

Surely this household on University in Menlo Park evoked the KISS mantra, just celebrate the season with lights and trees. The result – the most Christmas tree-filled front yard in Menlo Park. The home’s proximity to Draeger’s has undoubtedly cheered many a harried shopped – and will continue to do so through New Year’s weekend

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Spotted: Rudolph the red-nosed mailbox

We thought we were just getting the lowdown on the fun horse-turned-Rudolph mailbox spotted in the Menlo Oaks neighborhood. But instead we were treated to a coincidence. According to homeowner Andrea Jevans, her daughter had picked out the mailbox when she was a horse crazy seven-year-old. “Her father was away for her birthday and told […]

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Lots to see on a countdown-to-Christmas Sunday

More decorations are appearing on the streets of Menlo with residents working around the inclement weather (rain squalls with occasional glimpses of the sun). Scott and Lynn were spotted unloading their Noble Fir Christmas tree, purchased from the Nativity lot, which is only open through today. Scott was employing the tried and true “dust the […]

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More sparkle on Santa Cruz Ave.

Menlo’s recently-installed holiday lights added sparkle to a very chilly evening yesterday. The forecast going forward is warmer, if wetter, going into the weekend.

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The Santa flags are up

Where once a turkey in a pilgrim hat flew, there is now displayed a very jolly Santa, caught in the late afternoon light. With storms expected through out the coming week, many Menlo residents made a big push to get their outdoor holiday decorations in place.

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