housing in Menlo Park

Menlo Park grew more than any other city in the Bay Area, according to a report issued by the state Department of Finance. Its population went from 33,807 in January 2016 to 35,670 in January 2017. The 5.5% increase resulted from multi-family housing development, the report said.

Pictured is a Elan Menlo Park, a 146-unit apartment complex at 3645 Haven Ave. that started leasing apartments in March. Additional multi-family housing has opened nearby or is in development, all which will add to Menlo’s population.

Photo courtesy of Greystar, which developed Elan Menlo Park

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Spotted: Graffiti on house slated for demo

We got quite a few comments on our post about the ongoing demolition of houses in Menlo Park. This house on San Mateo Drive near the bike bridge has its own comments – in the form of graffiti! Photo by Linda Hubbard (c) 2015

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All in a half day’s work: House no more in Menlo Park

When a green fence goes up around a 1950s era ranch-style house in Menlo Park locals know it usually means the house is coming down, to be replaced most often with a two-story mini-mansion with basement. But when a green fence went up around a home on the corner of White Oak and Lemon in Menlo […]

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Menlo Park public benefit study session set for April 14

Emails Menlo Park Economic Development Manager Jim Cogan: “There is a debate raging, in the Bay Area communities experiencing strong development pressure, about how to ensure that the intensification of land uses to meet market demand also improves the community. “The Menlo Park City Council will be hosting a ‘public benefit’ study session to learn […]

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After years of “cottage living” Denise Amantea builds her dream house in Menlo Park

For 25 years, Denise Amantea lived in a small 900-foot cottage in west Menlo Park. Her career as a securities attorney meant she traveled a lot, and she just made do. On a milestone birthday, a light bulb when off. “I knew I always wanted to build my dream house,” she said, “and I realized […]

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Public workshops on Menlo Park housing scheduled for Aug. 16 and 23

The City of Menlo Park is in the process of updating the Housing Element of the General Plan. The Housing Element provides goals, polices, and implementation programs for the planning and development of housing throughout the City. There are two upcoming community workshops related to the Housing Element update, which will be held on: Thursday, […]

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What’s the story behind the tower being built on Cotton Street in west Menlo Park?

That’s the question we’d gotten from a number of InMenlo readers, so we dropped by the building site in west Menlo Park to talk to architect Dan Spiegel (left in photo) and general contractor Gene Hunner (right). Dan explained that he tore his boyhood home down to be replaced by a new house for his […]

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