InMenlo photo show

Our recently concluded photo show at Cafe Zoe featured some of the best photos from InMenlo’s first year. We’re grateful for the opportunity that Kathleen Daly and Cafe Zoe provided – and thank all the people who stopped by to see the show in person.  But, if you missed it, we’ve created a “virtual edition” – and it’s now available on YouTube.

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And a good time was had by all: InMenlo photo exhibit reception at Cafe Zoë

A hearty thanks from the InMenlo team to all the people who stopped by tonight to say hello and take a peak at the InMenlo photo exhibit, which will be on display through August 12 at Cafe Zoe in the Willows neighborhood of Menlo Park. A tip of the hat to Jessa Sharkey and colleagues […]

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There really is a Zoë!

If you’re thinking that Cafe Zoe is distinct to Menlo Park, you’re mistaken. A Google search reveals that it’s a popular name for cafes, located from Seattle to  Paris and all places in between. We do think that “our”  Zoë is unique in one way – there’s a face behind the name, that of owner Kathleen […]

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