M-A Fashion Show

InMenlo contributing reporter Kate Flanagan (middle in photo, top) wrote about her stage debut in the M-A senior fashion show, expressing that despite being camera shy and not much a dancer, she was having a great time. And that attitude showed when it came to the actual show. Kate pranced about on stage with classmates Aarthi Popat (left) and Julia Chang (right).

Emails Kate’s mom, Becky: “They are wearing clothes from Cassis. The stores are so generous in lending clothes for the show. I was the ‘store mom’ for Cassis and went with the girls to the store for them to select the clothes. The women at Cassis were so nice and made the girls feel special.”

Equally shining was InMenlo contributing photographer Irene Searles (left) and daughter Lauren McGinnis in the parent/student segment. Emails Greta Kim, who caught Irene and Lauren in action: “I’m learning photography; I just take shots as a side hobby, not a professional like Irene. The down lighting was tough, but I did my best to keep all that movement in focus. The ones of Irene and Lauren are cute…Irene is always the photographer, so getting a few of her and Lauren was a nice change.”

Top photo by Dr. Kay N. Chang; side photo by Greta Kim

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Making my M-Ark in the 2017 Menlo-Atherton High School’s Senior Fashion Show

Other than a few scattered dance and piano recitals in elementary school, I have never performed on stage. That will change this Saturday, April 1. I will be ending my decade-long hiatus to perform in Menlo-Atherton’s annual Senior Fashion Show along with about 170 of my classmates. Over three performances (1:00, 4:00 and 7:30 pm), the […]

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Be aM-Azing fashion show takes place March 19

The 2016 M-A Fashion Show takes place on Saturday, March 19, in the Performing Arts Center. There will be three performances: 1 :00 pm (preceded by a catered luncheon), 4:00 pm and 7:30 pm The fashion show is a professionally choreographed, high-energy production that stars the senior class. For over 35 years, the fashion show has […]

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Origami crane dresses are one highlight of successful M-A fashion show

Menlo=Atherton High School seniors Katrina Wijaya and Misato Muraoka (profiled earlier this month) not only took part in this year’s fashion show but they modeled the dresses they designed using origami cranes. The fashion show, chaired this year by Karen Fryling, Michelle Culhane, Nancy Kessler and Mary Fischer, is the PTA’s biggest fundraiser of the year. […]

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M-A fashion show spotlights student talent on stage and behind the scenes

When Mary Fischer took the job as creative co-chair for Menlo-Atherton High School’s annual fashion show, she was told by her fellow co-chairs Michele Culhane, Karen Fryling and Nancy Kessler that everything creative in the show would be up to her. She recalls thinking, “‘Well, this is a fashion show to raise money for the school, so […]

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M-A students design original origami crane dresses for this year’s fashion show

When nearly 200 seniors take the stage March 21 in Menlo-Atherton High School’s annual fashion show, they will be outnumbered by thousands of cranes. Thousands of colorful multi-size origami cranes, to be precise, artfully designed into two show-stopping black floor-length gowns. “On the M-A announcements this year, they said the fashion show was offering a […]

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M-Ake Dreams Come True is theme of M-A Fashion Show taking place on March 22

This year’s Menlo-Atherton High School  Fashion Show will be held Saturday, March 22, in the M-A Performing Arts Center. There will be three performances at 1:00 pm, 4:00 pm and 7:30 pm, with a catered luncheon option offered at 11:45 am before the 1:00 pm show that includes reserved seating. This annual PTA fundraiser — a […]

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M-A seniors prepare to strut their stuff at annual Fashion Show

About 230 seniors are participating this year in one of Menlo-Atherton High School’s most popular event, the annual fashion show scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 23. There will be three performances — a kickoff show that includes lunch at 1:00 pm, an afternoon performance at 4:00 pm, and an evening show at 7:30 pm. Tickets for the […]

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Charleston Pierce draws from his modeling experience as producer of M-A’s fashion show

Charleston Pierce, this year’s producer of the M-A PTA’s fashion show, which debuts on Saturday, calls it “theatrical fashion.” “My philosophy is that models are actors,” he said, sitting on the stage before rehearsal at the M-A Performing Arts Center. “It’s their show, and I want them to be able to show off their personalities.” […]

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