Menlo Park City Council election

Update: The Menlo Park City Council passed a motion to move away from at-large elections at special council meeting on Wednesday evening. There’s good coverage of what the council did and next steps is in the AlmanacNews.

Menlo Park elects City Council members at large, but other cities hold district elections.

Learn what options exist for Menlo Park to elect city councils that are more representative of their populations at a community meeting on Saturday, October 7, at the Onetta Harris Community Center Multipurpose Room (100 Terminal Ave.) in Menlo Park.

There will be pro and con discussions about district elections as well as other election methods such as ranked choice voting and single transferable vote.

Presenters are Jennifer Pae of FairVote (the event’s sponsor) and Steve Chessin of Californians for Electoral Reform.

RSVP appreciated at , or for more information please call Margaret Okuzumi at 650-269-4109.

Note: A special meeting of the Menlo Park City Council will be held at 7:30 pm tonight (Oct. 4) to discuss adopting a resolution that would declare the City’s intent to transition from at-large City Council elections to by-district elections. The meeting will be held in the City Council Chambers located at 701 Laurel St.

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