menlo park city workers

mppd_smart_car_3Menlo Park Police Department City Service Officers Tom Dayharsh (L) and Rich Bell smile as they prepare to put MPPD’s latest  ‘cruiser’ into service on its first day.

The car, a Smart ForTwo, was purchased under the Federal ‘cash for clunkers’ program and joins a golf-cart-sized Cushman  in the Parking Enforcement fleet. Dayharsh and Bell say they will alternate driving the two vehicles. The car is equipped with a tiny low-profile light bar at the rear and reportedly gets 33mpg around town – no word on the Cushman’s mileage.

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Picking up after the big weekend

A Menlo Park city worker loads traffic barriers near University and Santa Cruz after this past weekend’s events, including the Connoisseur’s Marketplace and farmer’s market. It is amazing to this observer how quickly the extensive array of booths, stands, et al. go up and come down, complete with a major street cleanup. Kudos, city workers!

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