Menlo Park Council Member Ray Mueller

In an email, District Five City Council member Ray Mueller wrote: “On Saturday morning March 21st, from 10:00 am to 11:30 am, I will be having City Council member office hours virtually on Facebook live.

“Please consider sending me your questions in advance, by emailing me at [email protected], or posting them on the Facebook page.

“I would greatly appreciate if you would try to get your questions to me by Friday morning, in case I need time to research the answers. I also will try to answer text messages on the side of Facebook live. This is my first time using technology for this purpose, so please excuse me if I have any technical difficulties the first time.

“You can participate in the office hours by going to the new Facebook page.

“Finally, I want to thank everyone for coming together during this public health crisis. The compassion, strength, resiliency and selflessness I have witnessed in these last couple weeks has truly been inspiring, but nor surprising. Looking forward to meeting with you Saturday.”

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