Menlo Park dog owners

After a six-week closure for annual field maintenance, Nealon Park will reopen this morning. And the city’s dog owners, many of whom are part of the Dog Owner’s Group of Menlo Park (DOGMA), are especially looking forward to getting back to the park. The off-leash dog park will resume its standard rules and hours of operation: 8:00 am to 10:00 am on weekdays only.

The dog park’s regular users are ready to resume socializing both canine and human and have reminded their members to act responsibly. In an e-mail to DOGMA members, Barbara Millin, one of the dog park group’s de facto leaders, asks users to:

1. Clean up after your dog.
2. Call attention to unattended dogs that leave waste on the field, and if no one responds, pick up after that dog.
3. At 10:00 am, when the park closes, if you are at the field, help organize a group to clean the field.
4. Talk to new people about: keeping the field clean, controlling aggressive behavior (if needed), and contributing to the clean up fund.

For those interested in contributing to the fund (an annual donation of $50 is suggested), which pays for professional waste cleanup on afternoons when games will be played at the field, contact Barbara Millin.

Photo by Chris Gulker

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