Menlo Park dogs

Some things are personal and this is: Tiger Lily, the King Charles Cavalier spaniel who was key to founding InMenlo, had to be put to sleep a couple of days ago. The 10-year-old dog was suffering from congestive heart failure, and the vet advised that there was “nothing more to do”.

One could ask if there hadn’t been a Tiger Lily, would there be an InMenlo? She was the eager participant in InMenlo founders’ Chris Gulker and Scott Loftesness‘ weekly walks and a frequent dinner guest at the Hubbard/Gulker household. Returning from the walks, Chris and Scott would have coffee. I’d be hurrying off to work, but not without a quick pat on Lily’s head. She’d hop down briefly from her favorite position on Scott’s lap to say hello.

It was after one of those walks that Chris and Scott hatched the idea about a hyperlocal blog about the people, places and organizations of Menlo Park.  (Although to this day, Scott swears it was my idea. Alas, Chris isn’t here to break the tie.)

I join the Loftesness family in mourning the loss of an excellent companion and am grateful that she came into my life, too.

Photo of Tiger Lily by Scott Loftesness


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