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Menlo Park-based start up Drop Water is filling the void at SFO which yesterday put in place a policy banning single-use plastic water boles with a capacity of 1 liter or less at vending machines, restaurants and cafes.

A machine manufactured by Drop Water, which creates made-to-order drinks in 100% compostable bottles predominantly made of unlaminated paper, can now be found in terminal 2 at Napa Farms Market.

“We believe that reducing the requirements placed on packaging is necessary for making sustainable single-use products,” said Scott Edwards, Founder and CEO, Drop Water.  “Companies are stuck designing bottles to survive a distribution cycle and shelf life, limiting their material choices. We hope to be a catalyst for change in the bottled drink space by showing that it is possible to bottle drinks with materials that are made not to last.”

Consumers using the Drop Water kiosk can customize their drinks with a variety of options — from choosing a flavor to adding caffeine, even choosing the temperature.

People flying in and out of SFO can bring empty aluminum bottles and fill them with water from hydration stations which are located outside most restrooms.

InMenlo first covered Drop Water in 2018.

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