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Diane Bailey of Menlo Spark emailed InMenlo the following:

“Peninsula Clean Energy (PCE), Silicon Valley Clean Energy (SVCE) and the San Mateo County Office of Sustainability (OOS) are joining together to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, by developing “reach codes” that exceed state energy efficiency standards for buildings. Their new website supporting the effort lists several upcoming public meetings, the most important of which is:

“March 19th – 2019 PCE Reach Code Charrette, San Mateo County (register here)
Time: 6:30 PM – 8:30 pm PST
Location: City of San Mateo Downtown Public Library, 55 West 3rd Avenue, San Mateo, CA 94402

“In support of the reach code effort to minimize fossil fuel use in new construction, Menlo Spark has produced a Zero Carbon Commercial Construction Guide that shows examples of developments that have avoided fossil fuels with all electric designs that save money and improve the comfort for occupants. The Guide contains electric heating and appliance equipment specs for the best products available in U.S. markets right now. Redwood Energy, which created this guide, is currently drafting a similar Guide for Multi-family construction.

“Our Guide was recently distributed to a list of roughly 80 green building stakeholders last week. It relates to the new Silicon Valley-wide green building effort that began this year with PCE, SVCE, and San Mateo County’s Office of Sustainability. Menlo Spark and partner groups will be working with those agencies and all interested cities in support of the green building policy.

“This is like a mini Green New Deal locally for us because the policy will transform new buildings into models of clean energy and modern design.”

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A week of Global Climate Action Summit events – and how Menlo Park can make climate goals a reality here

Last week thousands of people who care about climate progress converged at events around the Bay Area for the Global Climate Action Summit. We at Menlo Spark were fortunate to have Mary Robinson, former President of Ireland and internationally recognized leader on human rights, come to Kepler’s Books on September 13 to talk about how […]

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Chris DeCardy reflects on his eight years on Menlo Park’s Environment Quality Commission

Recently, I ended two terms on Menlo Park’s Environmental Quality Commission. I wanted to serve to ensure the environmental amenities of our town — trees and clean air and water — are respected and enhanced, and that our inevitable growth and development are managed thoughtfully. What I didn’t expect has been the opportunity to see, […]

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Menlo Spark recognizes students, teachers and residents who support sustainability in Menlo Park

Last month, Menlo Spark honored environmental leaders in schools with Menlo Green Challenge Awards. Menlo Park Mayor Peter Ohtaki recognized the outstanding achievements of students, teachers, and residents who took initiative to support sustainability in Menlo Park. Jerry Griffith, for winning the Menlo Green Challenge, with the Climate Actions taken to reduce his household carbon […]

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Menlo Park celebrates Earth Day in numerous ways and places, thanks to Menlo Spark

Menlo Spark is doing some fun events this week in Menlo Park for earth day. Last Tuesday, we helped students at Oak Knoll Elementary School make pledges for one thing they’ll do for Earth Day this year, posting those pledges, making a paper tree (below left).  Oak Knoll faculty and parent volunteers have done an […]

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Spark Green 2018 climate action campaign runs from Jan. 29th through March 2nd

Today is the launch day of Spark Green 2018, which aims to double participation in the Menlo Green Challenge, an online program that empowers residents to take climate actions. “Last year, almost 400 households signed up for the Green Challenge and they have reduced over 100 tons of carbon emissions!” emailed Menlo Spark Executive Director Diane Bailey. […]

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Facebook switches to 100% renewable energy through Peninsula Clean Energy’s ECO100 option

Facebook switched all electric accounts at its Menlo Park headquarters to Peninsula Clean Energy’s ECO100 option, making Facebook the largest participant in Peninsula Clean Energy’s 100% renewable energy option. “Facebook is committed to being a good neighbor and that includes reducing its potential impact on the environment,” said Lauren Swezey, Facebook Sustainability and Community Outreach […]

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Two Menlo-Atherton High School students are “climate heroes”

Emails Diane Bailey of Menlo Spark: “Two students at Menlo-Atherton High School, Tyler Lewis (pictured) and Henry Marks, have shown how youth can lead the way to a more sustainable future, winning the Menlo Green Challenge this Spring. We are delighted to award them Eco Reco electric scooters for their climate action efforts! The Menlo […]

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Menlo Spark celebrates second anniversary, Menlo Green Challenge continues

Diane Bailey, Executive Director of Menlo Spark, reminded us that the non-profit just celebrated its second anniversary and that people who take the Menlo Green Challenge, an online climate action tool to help you find out your carbon footprint and take actions, might win an electric bike or scooter. She emails: “Carpooling and swapping out old […]

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Love the Earth is part of pre-Valentines program offered by Menlo Spark

Diane Bailey, who is Executive Director of Menlo Spark, let us know about a fun art project called “Love Your Earth” her organization sponsored yesterday at the Boys & Girls Club in the Belle Haven neighborhood of Menlo Park as a prelude to today’s Valentine celebration. She emails: “[The] BGCP has been integrating environmental themes into some of their programs.[Yesterday] Jonathan […]

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Menlo Green Challenge launches at Facebook to further goal of carbon neutrality in Menlo Park

M-A student Giselle Martinez managed to surprise a roomful of environmentally-conscious people last week at Facebook when she performed a beautiful song about greenhouse gas emissions that she had written. As one Menlo Spark board member said after her performance, it is not common to hear a song that includes the words “emissions” and “dot-org.” But perhaps […]

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