National Letter of Intent Signing Day

The Menlo-Atherton High School Athletic Department hosted a ceremony in Ayers Gym today for those senior athletes who have signed letters of intent to participate in athletics in college. Co-athletic director Paul Snow (far right below) introduced the athletes with a summation of their accomplishments.

Co-atheltic director Paul Snow introduces athletes - 1

UCLA bound_narrower - 1Aquatics, one of the school’s long-time strengths, dominated with volleyball a runner up. Gals outpaced the guys, eight to two!

Our photo top shows, left to right: Mia Paulsen, diving @ Stanford; Olivia Athens, soccer @ UCLA; Jordan Mims, football @ Fresno State; Naomi Lee, golf @ Brown; Faith Dunn, swimming @ UCLA; Kate Denend, swimming @ Pomona; Grace Tully, lacrosse @ Denison; Jacqueline DiSanto, volleyball @ Michigan; Kirby Knapp, volleyball @ Washington University in St. Louis; Casey Morris, tennis @ Claremont McKenna.

Additional photos captions: UCLA-bound Faith Dunn and Olivia Athens are all smiles; football player Jordan Mims poses with his mother, Tenisha, and brothers Justin and Jadan.

Jordan Mims and family_letter of intent day - 1

Photos by Linda Hubbard (c) 2017

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