Nativity School Christmas tree lot

Right on schedule, the 2012 supply of Christmas trees to be sold at the Nativity School lot arrived this morning.

Explains long time parent volunteer Adam Kerr: “We (parent/parishioner volunteers and eighth grade students) begin unloading as soon after school starts as possible. This involves getting the 53′ big-rig into position first, so usually we don’t open the truck doors until 8:20-8:30 am. It then takes a little longer than two hours to unload the 600 trees, with the largest trees — this year we have a 16-17′ tree going to the Menlo Circus Club) — being the last off.  I mention this one especially, since it’s the largest we’ve ever ordered, and I imagine it will take 10+ men to move it around.”

Note: We arrived just as the large trees were being unloaded. Not only did it require multiple bodies to lift the big ones down from the truck, it also required a lot of “heaves” and “hoes” to get them from the front of the truck, where they’d been loaded on, to the back of the truck!

The Nativity tree lot opens on Friday, Nov. 23. More information is available online.

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