1. Ask them if they need specific things like toilet paper and share what you have.
  2. Note if they fail to pick up their newspapers or put out their recycle bins and call them to see if they are ok.
  3. Offer to shop for them if they are in a vulnerable/high risk group.
  4. Hold virtual meals/happy hours.
  5. Gather out front at 5:oo pm or other set time to sing a song/play an instrument.
  6. Add to this list and share it with others!

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Spotted: 1958 Corvette – mint condition

To some people, Corvettes of a certain vintage – 1950s and 60s – may evoke fun in the sun Southern California variety. But they’ve always been a part of the Menlo scene, thanks to strong local Chevy dealerships (now absent). The 1958 (through 1960) Corvette roadster was, according to Wikipedia, “the flashiest ever.” Today this […]

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