Oak Dell neighborhood

If you happen to be cruising by foot or vehicle past this Oak Dell neighborhood front yard, it’s hard to miss the topiary showcased in the front yard. But it takes a little investigation to uncover exactly what it is. InMenlo has the scoop, thanks to residents Carol and Darren: “The topiary is a horse. It was created in Oregon where they sculpt  many different kinds of topiary from size to shape to animal/plant. This is our second horse topiary – the first one died. We purchased it from Roger Reynolds a little over two years ago. It’s fun and our neighbor Elizabeth thinks everyone should have a topiary or two.”

Photo by Chris Gulker

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Just your regular corner pumpkin patch

Your faithful West Menlo neighborhood walkers having been watching this pumpkin patch at the corner of Oak Dell and Lemon mature throughout the summer (officially still here but September 1 always seems to kick off fall). The good news is that even mature pumpkins last at long time, ensuring that they can make they’re debut […]

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