oak trees in Menlo Park

Today saw clean up efforts surrounding two large oak trees that tumbled to the ground in Menlo Park, victims of age and the rainy winter.

One, located near the Vallambrosa Center on Oak Grove Avenue (pictured top), forced that street to be closed all morning. Shortly before noon, the Menlo Park Police Department announced that it was now open to one lane of traffic.

The photo below is of another tree that fell close to the Menlo Park Library.

Photos by Robb Most (c) 2017


Oak is casualty of weekend storms in Menlo Park

A large oak on White Oak Drive was a casualty of the rain storms that blew through Menlo Park over the weekend. Crews from the City of Menlo Park were on hand this morning to start the clean up. Reports InMenlo weather watcher Bill Russ:  “Sunshine as this day begins…but an additional .2” fell after 4:00 pm […]

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Spotted: Majestic oak tree breaks apart

One of the biggest and most majestic oaks in Menlo Park lost one of its three main branches some time in the last couple of days, and one can only presume its future may be in doubt. The tree is in the front yard of a house on Bay Laurel near San Mateo Drive. It’s […]

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The life of an oak in Menlo Park

As Menlo Park residents, we pass under oak trees daily, usually giving them little thought. They stand out in my mind as stately and majestic features in our landscape, but they can be dangerous. Here another majestic oak falls to its demise; these mysterious trees are so complex and seemingly strong, but that can be […]

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