Peet’s Coffee on El Camino Real selected Project Read for its 25th annual Holiday Donation Program.

Established in 1986, the Holiday Donation Program is an important part of Peet’s tradition, bringing together the company, its staff and customers in a combined effort.  Each store chooses a non-profit organization to be the recipients of its fundraising efforts December 17-24 and Peet’s matches up to $1,000 of customer contributions collected in each store.

On December 24, 2010, Peet’s will offer free brewed coffee and tea in all of its stores, and Peet’s employees will donate tips received on that day to a local nonprofit organization chosen by that store’s staff. Additionally, Peet’s will match the tips that employees receive (up to $1,000 per store).

Please  tell your friends to visit Peet’s Coffee at 515 El Camino Real (near Safeway) to pledge their support and have a cup of coffee or buy some beans.

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