pink flamingos in front yard

It’s hard to be in the Willows neighborhood and not swing by and see what the Laurel St. flamingos are up to. Most recently, they were “out of order.” Hopefully artist S2, who shepherds this flock, will get them back on track.

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Spotted: Pink flamingo migrates westward

As chronicled on InMenlo, the major pink flamingo action in Menlo Park takes place in the Willows, thanks mostly to artist S2 and his ever changing front yard. But the plastic birds evidently have devoted followers in west Menlo as well. We spotted this flamingo – all decked out for the holidays with Santa hat […]

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Willows neighborhood sees pink – flamingos that is

What is it about the Willows and pink flamingos? The first flock appeared a couple of years ago at the 101 end of the Menlo Park neighborhood. After making their way from house to house over a period of a couple of months, they retired from service. Now there are two new flocks. The smaller […]

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