The intersection of Cambridge and University is pictured here, flooded by Sunday’s rains.

Though forecast, the rain came down in surprising quantity, which, added to the day’s chill, kept most Menloites tucked cozily indoors.

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Menlo gets a (brief) weather break

Call it changeable in Menlo Park today with white puffy clouds (here framed by a stately West Menlo oak) appearing between AM and PM rain showers. The morning precipitation burst brought .4″, bringing the year- to-date to 16.7″ compared to 13.35″ last year according to InMenlo rainfall watcher Bill Russ. In his update, Bill added, […]

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The deluge descends upon Menlo – latest rainfall and flooding updates!

A mid-morning deluge swept the Peninsula, flooding streets (Middle Ave. is seen here) and bending trees with high winds, like the Palm pictured near the corner of Middle and El Camino. There were reports of even deeper water racing over the sidewalks and lapping at shop doors near Valparaiso and El Camino. The storm subsided […]

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After the rains

A number of contributors experienced a very local mini-monsoon yesterday, heavy rain that apparently clobbered parts of northeast Menlo Park, while leaving other parts of town dry. A puddle left over from the deluge reflected the sunrise shortly after 7 A.M. this morning.

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Rain comes to Menlo

Early risers were greeted with a rare occurence in August – rain. The sprinkles began around 7:00 am and turned into a shower hard enough to be heard on rooftops. But by the time anyone could have had time to bring the outdoor furniture under the eaves, the rapidly moving weather front had blown through. […]

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