rainfall in Menlo Park and Atherton

What weather you are experiencing may have a lot to do with where you are within our micro-climate. One half of the Dish this morning was bathed in sunlight and featured a rainbow in the distance. The other half appeared to be drenched in showers!

Reports InMenlo weather watcher earlier this morning: “During the night another .2” fell in our backyard. That is 15.15” season to date. We had such a slow start on the rain year I wondered if we would make 15”. Now a goal of 20” is within reach.”

Here’s the afternoon update from Bill: “An additional .25” since this morning’s report. That is .45” for the day and 15.40” season to date. With all the downpours I thought it might have been more.”

Photo by Linda Hubbard (c) 2019

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Wind howls and the rain pounds down overnight

Gusty winds, along with more rain, were in the weather forecast, and the prediction proved accurate. “Another .85” overnight,” emailed InMenlo weather watcher Bill Russ. “Now at 14.6” season-to-date and climbing. I know folks who have to drive in heavy rain do not enjoy it. For sure the ground soil is receiving it grandly.” With […]

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First rain since April leaves but a trace in a wimpy kickoff of the new rainfall season

The early morning sprinkles that got plants and streets wet, but not much more, had passed through by mid-morning. New clouds threatened this afternoon, but there was no more rainfall as of 4:00 pm. Reports Sally Russ, who joins Bill this rainfall season in reporting the number of inches: “I went hopefully to the rain […]

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Downpours throughout the day in Menlo Park

Anyone who was around Menlo Park and Atherton today know that when the off and on again rain came down, it was with gusto! Emails inMenlo weather watcher Bill Russ: “The 5:00 pm downpour put .1” in my gauge. A total of .4” for the day and seasonal total now 9.2”. Photo by Robb Most […]

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Another rain storm pounds Menlo Park – the weekend promises a respite

After a brief respite, it started raining again this morning in Menlo Park. And that meant more flooded roadways and a roaring San Francisquito Creek. Menlo Park resident Frannie Allen took the dramatic photo (top) at the corner of Cambridge and El Camino. Shortly before noon, InMenlo contributing photographer took a photo (below) of the […]

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All the rain causes flooded roadways and a close watch on San Francisquito Creek

The pounding overnight rain continued into Tuesday causing road closures and San Francisquito Creek to be at its highest level in years. Reports InMenlo weather watcher Bill Russ at 3:30 pm today: “Another .4″ since my morning report, That is 1.8″ for this storm. Now 22.8″ season-to-date.” Among the road closures that occurred: Marsh Rd exits […]

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Another thunderstorm greets Menlo residents this morning

PM update: With the sun shining, here is my up to date and final report as of 3:05 pm. That would be an additional .15″. My total is 18.45″.” Is this some new daily occurrence? For the second morning in a row, thunder rolled through Menlo Park. Reported InMenlo weather watcher Bill Russ: “.9″ as of […]

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Goodbye sun! The rain is back in Menlo Park

The reprieve from the rain that started on Friday lasted until the wee hours of the morning today. Except for a couple of hours around school/commute time, it’s rained steadily. That’s fine by the ducks who populate the pond near Menlo Park City Hall. InMenlo contributing photographer captured an encounter with a woman and a […]

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Is that sun peaking through in Menlo Park?

The storms that swept through the area for the past few days brought with them, at times, heavy winds, causing umbrellas to go inside out, as photographer Robb Most captured. This morning is cool with the sun making an appearance amidst the clouds. And it appears we’ll be getting a break from the rain until […]

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The wet stuff keeps falling overnight in Menlo Park

Is it getting to be the case that it’s unusual not to hear rain on the roof when awakening? Yes, that was more rain falling early this morning, part of the storm that put another .95″ in InMenlo weather watcher Bill Russ’s gauges. He emails: “I was concerned we might be blown away! Fortunately not so. […]

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Drenching rain, blustery wind – all part of the storm pounding Menlo Park

Emails InMenlo weather watcher Bill Russ: “What a ‘wet’ day this is proving to be Another.75″ to report as of 4:00 pm . That is 1.15″ for the day and 14.65″ season-to-date.  A week ago I was at 9.85″. And it is still raining!” The rain is producing flooded intersections; the wind is bringing down […]

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