rainfall in Menlo Park

Menlo Park folks stepping out to get the morning paper or take the kids to school encountered wet streets, the product of overnight rain. InMenlo weather watcher Bill Russ recorded another .25″, bringing his season-to-date to 3.25″.

Contributing photographer Robb Most captured some wet leaves on a tree trunk.

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Sunday’s rain is more a trickle than a drencher

If you read the weather forecast a few days, it was supposed to rain all day today. Instead it simply sputtered off and on, with temperatures feeling almost balmy. Emails InMenlo weather watcher Bill Russ: “Just a paltry .1”. That is 3” season-to-date. Last year at this time, 5.1”, and two years ago, 2.5”. I […]

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Old-fashioned rainy day in Menlo Park

Emails InMenlo weather watcher Bill Russ: “As of 7:30 am, 1.1” in my backyard. That is 1.7” season-to-date. This compares to 3.9” last year and 2.15″ two seasons ago. Perhaps more as the day progresses.” That “more” was true around 9:00 am when a hard rain was falling, making the leaves on the colorful liquid […]

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Light rain overnight adds just a bit to seasonal total

A light rain started around 8:00 pm in Menlo Park Wednesday night and continued to just about dawn, making for damp streets for the morning commute and school rush. InMenlo weather watcher Bill Russ recorded .2″ in his rain gauge, brining the season-to-date to .6″. InMenlo contributing photographer Robb Most was out and about as […]

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Morning showers add to trickle of rain this Fall

By noon Saturday morning, InMenlo weather watcher Bill Russ recorded .2″ in his rainfall gauge, giving him .4″ year-to-date. This is compared to 3.9″ a year ago, in what would turn out to be a big rain year. InMenlo contributing photographer Robb Most was not deterred by the wet weather, hiking up Hamms Gulch in […]

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Second rain of the season falls overnight

Skies were clear by the time the school rush began this morning, but raindrops could be heard on roofs during the night. Reports InMenlo weather watcher Bill Russ: “An even .1” in both my back yard gauges. Adding in the earlier .1“…that is .2” season-to-date. It is time for me to dig up last year’s […]

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Amidst booms and lightning, also the first rainfall of the season

We here at InMenlo are keeping to the traditional rainfall season that starts July 1 and ends June 30. And while there was a lot of lightening and thunder, the rain that fell in the recent downpour measured just .1″, according to InMenlo weather watcher Bill Russ. We recall at least one good thunderstorm every […]

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2016-17 rain year comes to an end today

Sticking with the “old” rain year dates of July 1- June 30 means the rain year that began last year comes to a close today. Emails InMenlo weather watcher Bill Russ: “I measured 34.4” in my backyard gauges during the past rain year. “The Mercury News prints data for 60 cities. Boulder Creek was the most […]

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Noon downpour adds to seasonal rainfall in Menlo Park

Yep, that was the wet stuff falling from the sky around the noon hour in Menlo Park today, an event that lasted 30 minutes or so. Reports InMenlo weather watcher Bill Russ: “Recorded only .05″ in my gauge, bringing my season-to-date total to 34.45″. I realize some Menlo Park neighborhoods may have had more rain.” […]

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Yep – that was rain you heard during the night

Reports InMenlo weather watcher Bill Russ: ” Another .1″ during the night. Now at 34.4″ season-to-date. This will be quickly forgotten as the sky is clearing and the birds are chirping. I am curious when my final report will be.” Looking ahead, no rain is forecast until a week from today. But that could change. Hang […]

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More April showers make for more pretty flowers

Yep, the rain keeps coming, but more in the form of off again/on again showers. Emails InMenlo weather watcher Bill Russ: “.3″ from late yesterday afternoon through 8:00 am this morning, bringing our season-to-date total to 34.3.” And it was just about 8:00 that the skies opened up again! The rose was photographed on a walk […]

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