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A new restaurant, Starfish Menlo Park, has applied for a building permit to renovate and occupy the existing commercial building at 1165 Merrill Street. The structure is currently vacant, but was recently occupied by the restaurants Bradley’s Fine Diner and Bradley’s Funky Franks.

Starfish is proposing to comprehensively update the tenant space, with most of the revisions occurring on the interior. A few modest changes to the building exterior have been approved by staff and cleared by the Planning Commission, which will now allow the building permit application to be reviewed in full.

Previous approvals for outdoor seating on the building’s covered porch and for alcohol sales and consumption would remain effective for the new restaurant, subject to compliance with ABC (Alcoholic Beverage Control) regulations.

Starfish is part of the restaurant group Cherry Pie Hospitality out of Houston. It took over space of Bradley’s Fine Dinner in that Texas city earlier this year.

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