Rocky Horror Picture Show

The Guild Theater in downtown Menlo Park continues to present screenings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show on the first Saturday of every month at midnight. With live shadow casting by The Bawdy Caste (pictured top), a non-profit theater group, The Rocky Horror Picture Show features lively pre-show entertainment and an interactive movie-viewing experience.

Guild theater_RockyDespite its ungodly viewing hour of 12:00 am, Rocky manages to evoke feelings of thrill and rebelliousness through its outlandish costumes, dancing, and screaming throughout. Many audience members, largely consisting of high school and college students, dress up in erotic costumes exemplary of Rocky themes. Explained Karly Gorman, a senior at Menlo-Atherton High School: “I dressed up just about every time […] Dressing up just contributes to the whole experience.”

Many audience members would agree that Rocky has always held a special place in their hearts. “There’s a sense of familiarity because I grew up on some of these songs … but also just like the atmosphere [is appealing] and the actors are really passionate,” a Stanford student commented.

“[The Rocky Horror Picture Show in San Francisco] was a little bit bigger but [the Guild Theater has] always been kind of personal and a tradition with some friends of mine,” Gorman says.

Note to Rocky newcomers, or “virgins,”:  The cast and audience are welcoming.

Top photo courtesy of The Bawdy Caste

Photo of the Guild by Caraline Albro (c) 2016

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