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The Sophie’s Scholars Program at Sacred Heart Schools in Atherton serves students from underserved and underrepresented communities. In the summer after 5th grade, they spend six weeks in a rigorous academic program with the hope that they’ll enter the upper school as freshmen.

Currently, there are 45 Sophie’s Scholars graduates at the high school and 45 in the just-completed summer program. In addition, fundraising is done so that each student who qualifies can fill the financial aid “gap” when they go to college.

“This summer we were able to attend an amazing three-day summer camp, Sustainable Future Outdoor Academy, in the Santa Cruz mountains where we focused on learning about the environment and what we can to do become more responsible consumers and create more sustainable habits,” said Menlo Park resident Elaine Barry, Director of the Sophie’s Scholars Program.

The first day the students visited a number of sustainable farms on their way to camp. They got splashed by the fish at an  aquaponics farm, had a picnic lunch at the beach, and picked as many strawberries as they wanted fresh off the vines. Once at camp, they had access to new experiences such as canoeing and archery.

“The next morning the students woke up exhausted yet ready to have fun,” said Elaine. Activities on day two included themes on energy and recycling as well as removing invasive species from nearby hillsides.

“They made a meal using food collected from the different farms,” Elaine said. “Many students had the opportunity to try foods they hadn’t eaten before.”

On the third day, each student developed their own personal action plan to bring sustainability to their home, school and community.

Summed up Elaine: “There were multiple purposes for this camp: to infuse more science into the curriculum, to spend time away together bonding, and to offer a new experience for the students. We’re pleased with the outcome!”

Photos by Elaine Barry (c) 2019

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Sacred Heart School’s two Kindergarten classes’ flags flown in Antarctica

As part of Global Studies in the preschool and kindergarten, Sacred Heart Schools’ (SHS) two kindergarten classes undertook a first-of-its-kind project that made their education about Antarctica all the more tangible. Each class designed and painted a SHS- and penguin-themed flag which was mailed to Antarctica and displayed by researchers at the remote Cape Royds […]

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Newly restored and relocated Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes debuts at Sacred Heart Schools

Earlier this month there was a rededication ceremony of Our Lady of Lourdes statue/grotto that had been “hidden” away on the Sacred Heart School upper campus for some time. SHS alum Laura Pitchford provided InMenlo with some background: “The original Virgin (she is the same but with a facelift!) was located outside of the Siegal […]

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Sacred Heart Prep teacher receives OZY Educator Award

Sacred Heart Prep English teacher Dr. Lisa Harper is one of just five educators nationwide awarded the prestigious OZY Educator Award in 2018. Lisa is committed to teaching high school students how to become better writers and critical thinkers. “I wanted to teach in a place where I could be of real service,” she said […]

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Sacred Heart Schools hold prayer service/communal observance for Parkland victims

In collaboration with student leaders from the middle and high schools, about 350+ members of the Sacred Heart Schools, Atherton community — students in grades 6-12, faculty, staff, parents, and Religious of the Sacred Heart (RSCJ) from Oakwood Retirement Center — took part in prayer services, a communal observance, and a symbolic walkout activity on […]

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Spotted: Kids exploring the religions of the world – and their own faith – at Sacred Heart Schools

Sacred Heart Schools, Atherton (SHS) observed Catholic Schools Week with a grade 1-8 assembly featuring students’ religious studies projects. Students presented a collaborative video project in which they interviewed fellow students who practice different religions, and explored the importance of interfaith dialogue. In its religious studies program, SHS students learn the fundamental doctrines of the […]

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Sacred Heart School camera captures photos of possible mountain lion that turns out to be a raccoon

Update as of Sept. 21: The Atherton Police Department reached out to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife yesterday after receiving information of a possible mountain lion sighting on the Sacred Heart School camera. It has now been determined through the agency that the animal shown on the school campus camera was not a mountain […]

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Sister Nancy Morris celebrates her 90th birthday surrounded by her multiple-generation “fan club”

Editor’s note: On the occasion of her 90th birthday, Sister Nancy Morris, profiled on InMenlo in 2011, was feted today with a Mass followed by a luncheon on the Sacred Heart Prep campus. A presence at both Sacred Heart Schools and St. Raymond School, Sister Nancy is much beloved by multiple generations of children, teens and parents, whose […]

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Mumbai resident Latika Sethi is first exchange teacher to visit Sacred Heart Schools in Atherton

Education that spans the world and is ecumenical in nature is on display at Sacred Heart Prep thanks to a special visitor from Mumbai, India, Latika Sethi, who is spending two weeks at the school.  She teaches biology at  Sophia College (11-12th grades), which was established in the 1940s as the first Sacred Heart School in […]

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Eighth grade team from Sacred Heart Schools wins first place in We the People state competition

The Sacred Heart Schools, Atherton (SHS) eighth grade Government Team came in first place in the We the People state competition in San Diego on Dec. 19. Students from all over California participated in simulated congressional hearings regarding the ideologies and fundamentals behind the United States Constitution. Led by coaches Chris Chiang and Nicole Rehberg, […]

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Faculty and staff at Sacred Heart Schools in Atherton give back via community service day

Faculty and staff members from Sacred Heart Schools in Atherton spent the morning of January 6, 2014, giving back to local community organizations during the Schools’ second annual Director’s Day of Service. Over 250 individuals participated and collectively gave 750 hours to 12 nonprofit organizations. Rolling up their sleeves, working with their hands, and collaborating […]

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