San Francisco Giants

John Yandle is the pitching machine that goes on and on

Simply put, John Yandle just keeps pitching. He holds a record of sorts, offering up left-handed batting practice for the San Francisco Giants on days the team faces a lefty for the past 28 years. “Guess I’ve become the answer to a trivia question,” he says about his longevity, the result of a chance visit […]

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SF Giants honor St. Raymond 6th grader and his special friend

Last year during Little League season, St. Raymond student Cole Spina staged a fundraiser for his friend Jessica Bucher, who’d gone to Duke University Medical Center in North Carolina for a life-saving stem cell transplant. Inspired by the San Francisco Giants “Strikeouts for the Troops,” Cole named his effort “Strikeouts for Jessie.” “How it works […]

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Talking baseball – including those tortuous Giants – with writer Eno Sarris

Jamaica. Germany. Atlanta. Mountain City, GA. Florida. London. Hell’s Kitchen, New York City. Add to the list Menlo Park, CA, where writer Eno Sarris and his wife arrived this past June. Why all over and why now Menlo? “My mother’s a hippie,” he says in response tothe long list of “lived in” places, noting that […]

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