Santa Cruz Avenue

The existing in-pavement lighted crosswalk system at the midblock crosswalk on Santa Cruz Avenue between Sherman Avenue and Sharon Road was recently replaced with Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons (RRFB).

This new crossing system is operational ahead of the 2018–19 school year opening of La Entrada Middle School. This midblock crosswalk on Santa Cruz Avenue between Sherman Avenue and Sharon Road is primarily used by La Entrada Middle School students either walking or bicycling to and from school.

The existing in-pavement lighted crosswalk system was installed by the City in 1997 and was at the end of its useful life. Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons are user activated amber light emitting diode (LED) lights located under standard crosswalk warning signs to alert motorists of crossing pedestrians at uncontrolled crossings (unsignalized intersections and midblock crosswalks).

This upgrade is part of the City’s efforts to upgrade outdated lighted crosswalk systems around the community. For more information For more information, please visit the

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Spotted: New sidewalk extending to San Mateo Drive along Santa Cruz Avenue

We’d walked from downtown to Olive Street along the finished sidewalk on the south side of Santa Cruz Avenue a few months back. This morning we checked on the progress on the north side, which is now complete to San Mateo Drive. Along the way, we ran into SCA homeowner Lisa McPherson who expressed delight at the […]

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Trying out the new sidewalk from Arbor to Olive on Santa Cruz Avenue

The 6-foot sidewalk on the south side of Santa Cruz Avenue is open for business. Alongside is a bike path, clearly separated, making for a total area of about 10 feet. Also new is a turning lane between the east and west bound traffic lanes. Construction has begun on the sidewalk on the north side of […]

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Spotted: Gushing water on Santa Cruz Avenue this afternoon

InMenlo contributor Jym Clendenin sent in this photo taken at 3:45 pm with this note: “Huge amount of water gushing from underground at corner Santa Cruz Avenue and San Mateo Drive causing significant flooding of adjacent properties.” We’ve asked Jym to update us if he finds out the cause.

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Saturday Stroll on Santa Cruz Avenue in Menlo Park

I took a stroll on Santa Cruz Avenue this morning, camera in hand. I was trying out a bit of black and white “street photography” in downtown Menlo Park. If you’re interested in street photography, let us know – we could put together a local photo walk to share some more street photography techniques! Hope […]

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Menlo mashup at downtown summer block party

Watch the crowd go by – from almost newborn to some of Menlo’s most senior citizens. Look at the styles – from preppy to hippie to something not quite describable in between. Listen to the languages – at least a half dozen could be heard within one block. Hear the bands – one every other […]

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