Scout’s House

Menlo Park’s Scout’s House just launched a unique service for veterinarians that provides customized physical rehabilitation therapy plans for dogs, cats, and other pets – even if the “patient” or the vet isn’t local.

To use the service, veterinarians can schedule a consultation and then fax or email the patient’s relevant medical records, radiology reports, and surgical reports to Scout’s House. Director of Rehab Therapy Krista Niebaum, MPT, CCRT, and staff veterinarians will then review the patient’s health records and discuss the physical exam findings and client goals with the attending veterinarian during the phone- or email-based consultation. Afterward, Niebaum and a Scout’s House veterinarian will create a modified rehab therapy treatment plan that is customized for that patient — a plan that can be performed either by the attending veterinarian’s staff in his or her clinic or by the pet’s owner at home.

Although the new service is for veterinarians only, pet owners can ask their veterinarians to schedule a consultation for their pets.

When InMenlo last visited Scout’s House, Widgeon the lab was rehabbing from knee surgery.

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Widgeon rehabs at Scout’s House

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