sculpture at SLAC

Amid SLAC’s buildings and byways in Menlo Park are a number of outdoor sculptures and technical artifacts that should inspire some amount of awe and wonder among employees and visitors alike. Presented here are eight works, ranging from science-inspired commissions to retired equipment.

Waveguide SculptureWaveguide Sculpture

Location: outside Panofsky Auditorium (Building 43)
Designers: SLAC’s Arnold Eldredge and Stanford Art Professor Lorenz Eitner
Year: Created in 1966
Info: Eitner and Eldredge designed this sculpture, comprising four long lengths of S-Band microwave waveguide, for the 1966 Stanford Museum exhibit, “Design for Nuclear Research: An Exhibition of Components from the Stanford Linear Accelerator.”
Bonus point: About 7.5 miles of this type of waveguide are used to insert power for accelerating electrons down the 2-mile-long SLAC linear accelerator.

Star Hub 113

Star Hub 113Location: east of Kavli Auditorium (Building 51)
Sculptor: Michael DeLeon
Year: Installed 2007
Info: This 4.5-foot-tall, 400-pound, 12-pointed star was cast organically from clay and steel by the Bay Area artist.
Bonus point: DeLeon says he created the star-shaped sculptures in his “Genesis” series to suggest the first explosive moments of the universe.

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