Shirley Temple Black

We received an email from Lenore Bernhardt who lives in Washington and had recently discovered — and then purchased — the portrait of a woman shown here. According to notes on the back, it was framed at Herbert W. Keeble Picture Framing at 441 El Camino Real in Menlo Park in 1962.

My almost immediate hunch is that it’s Shirley Temple Black.  When I was a child, I attended a local children’s theater at Sequoia High School and remember her as a volunteer ticket taker. And her daughter Linda was a Sunday School classmate of mine at one time. All to say I’d see her around town when I was a child and teen.

A search of Google Images of the famous child star did nothing to disprove my hunch. Photos of the middle age Mrs. Black do resemble this portrait.

Plus, she stayed on the Peninsula, passing away at age 85 at her home in Woodside in 2014.

Any other guesses as to who the woman in this lovely portrait is?


Remembering Shirley Temple Black, the gracious children’s theater ticket taker

Growing up in Menlo Park, I, along with what seemed like the whole neighborhood, attended children’s plays, I think performed at Sequoia High School. What the plays were, I don’t recall, although I enjoyed them. What I do remember quite distinctly is one of the ticket takers, undoubtedly pointed out to me by my mother, […]

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