Feature creep has extended to jogging strollers. We met this young man along a jogging path in far west Menlo this morning. His mom, who said she bought the DVD player only a couple of days ago, was quick to apologize: “I’m against it but it’s my best way to get in some exercise.” Her son reported that he was watching “race cars.”

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Menlo Park PD gets Smart – and cute!

Menlo Park Police Department City Service Officers Tom Dayharsh (L) and Rich Bell smile as they prepare to put MPPD’s latest  ‘cruiser’ into service on its first day. The car, a Smart ForTwo, was purchased under the Federal ‘cash for clunkers’ program and joins a golf-cart-sized Cushman  in the Parking Enforcement fleet. Dayharsh and Bell […]

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Spotted: 1958 Corvette – mint condition

To some people, Corvettes of a certain vintage – 1950s and 60s – may evoke fun in the sun Southern California variety. But they’ve always been a part of the Menlo scene, thanks to strong local Chevy dealerships (now absent). The 1958 (through 1960) Corvette roadster was, according to Wikipedia, “the flashiest ever.” Today this […]

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