studio cake

Each year we travel to the home of a fellow Menlo-Atherton High School grad (and friend since grade school) for Christmas dinner. And each year the dinner has a theme, with The Nutcracker the choice this year.

The decor is always spectacular, the food scrumptious and the catching up great. But the highlight is always the cake, usually in multiples, baked by baker and artist extraordinaire BethAnn Goldberg, owner of Studio Cake located in Menlo Park.

The six cakes shown have different flavors, including chocolate peppermint, pumpkin, vanilla, raspberry cream, toffee, and pokey dotty.  And yes, the Nutcracker in the center is a cake.

Just before they’re cut, the children in attendance gather ’round for one last look before the cakes are cut and consumed.

Top photo by Julie Getze; kids and cakes by Linda Hubbard (c) 2018

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Melody Hu launches Petit Bakery with Asian mochi the “secret sauce”

A new bakery springs from the prolific rental kitchen of Studio Cake in Menlo Park. At the beginning of the year, Melody Hu launched her patisserie business, Petit Bakery Co. A native of Taiwan who moved to the Bay Area in her teens, she admits to falling into — rather than planning — her newest […]

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Spotted: Studio Cake with a snow flake theme

We’re lucky enough to attend a Christmas dinner hosted by long time friends that each year has a different theme. This year is was snowflakes, and as she does every Christmas for this dinner, Bethann Goldberg of Menlo Park-based Studio Cake carries out the theme in a cake. This year’s was particularly elegant!

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These Christmas presents and trees are actually cake!

Each year we enjoy a family Christmas dinner with friends we’ve known almost all of our life. The star of the dinner is always the cake baked by Beth Ann Goldberg, owner of Menlo Park-based Studio Cake. This year’s cake was no exception, a wonderful array of edible packages and well-decorated Christmas trees. It certainly […]

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A Christmas cake that’s hard to slice – but dazzling to see and good to eat!

Once again Beth Ann Goldberg, who owns Studio Cake in Menlo Park, has outdone herself in creating a totally edible masterpiece of a cake, this year featuring a swan. The graceful bird and a forest of trees were the theme at one local Christmas dinner that we’ve been lucky enough to attend for a number of […]

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Spotted: Lou Seal in the form of a birthday cake

One local resident celebrated a milestone birthday this past weekend. She also happens to be a lifelong San Francisco Giants fan. What better way to celebrate than have a birthday cake modeled after Lou Seal, the Giants’ mascot. As is often the case with cakes-as-art, this one was created by Beth Ann Goldberg’s Studio Cake, […]

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Spotted: All that’s left of a reindeer made out of chocolate cake

For those of you needing more proof that the cake Beth Ann Goldberg of Studio Cake created for a Christmas dinner — a totally edible reindeer pulling a sleigh full of presents featured yesterday on InMenlo — we stopped by today to assess the “morning after.” All that remained was half a reindeer body with head still […]

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You think it’s a decoration – we know it’s a cake!

A Peninsula hostess enjoys doing themed Christmas dinners for her family and close friends, and this year’s dining table featured large beaded reindeer scattered among a sea of deep red roses. But how to carry that theme out when it comes to dessert? Beth Ann Goldberg of Studio Cake in Menlo Park to the rescue! […]

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Big, dazzling ornaments that taste as good as they look!

When your Christmas dinner theme is ornaments – carried out on the table top with multi-layered surprise balls and paper balls filled with delicious Poco Dolce chocolates – why not continue the theme into dessert? No problem if you utilize the magical services of  Menlo Park’s Studio Cake. For this holiday festivity, designer/baker BethAnn Goldberg […]

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A work of Christmas art that’s edible

Most of the Christmas dinner guests who walked into their hosts’ dining room presumed that the fanciful house surrounded by snow and candy canes was part of the decoration for the evening’s Candy Land theme. But this was a completely edible piece of decoration, in fact “just a cake” – another marvel created by Menlo […]

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Studio Cake – Cakes you want to hug!

Beth Ann Goldberg is the proprietor of Studio Cake, a not-quite-two-year-old business in Menlo Park’s Willows neighborhood. Aptly named, the 750-square-foot storefront is not so much a bakery as a studio where the talented Ms. Goldberg carves, molds, brushes and otherwise brings whimsical creations into floury being. Studio Cake has been profiled on The Martha […]

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