sunflowers in Menlo Park

The sunflowers planted by Menlo Park resident Robin Tobias are again providing cheer for her and everyone else that sees them. She emails:

“I planted more than past years, 140 or so, an estimate because  I got dizzy counting!

“My favorites are still the little Teddy Bears, that grow into bright yellow pom poms! But the evening suns are also beautiful — deep reds and browns, and beautiful to watch as they unfold.

“These sunflowers continue to bring so much happiness to my summer days! I’ve only been stung by one bee so far, as I love getting up close, and so do they.”
Photos by Robin Tobias (c) 2018

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Sunflowers brighten up Robin Tobias’s Menlo Park yard

InMenlo contributing photographer Robb Most was at it again, this time photographing sunflowers at the west side of Menlo in Robin Tobias’s yard. (Last month Robb photographed the sunflower forest in Art Scott and Cindy Sumida-Scott’s backyard in the FairOaks neighborhood of Menlo Park.) Robin sent us an email about this year’s garden:  “I planted […]

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A sunflower forest grows in Menlo Park

There are sunflowers — and then there is the sunflower forest in Art Scott and Cindy Sumida-Scott’s Menlo Park backyard. First came the work of local landscape designer Janet Bell, who redid the yard. At that project’s conclusion, the couple sent cards to the various workers, expressing “this beautiful garden representing the analemma [sun’s path] […]

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Hundreds of sunflowers bloom in Robin Tobias’ Menlo Park backyard

Feeling a bit lonely when her daughter, Leah, left for a year-long stay in Africa last year, Menlo Park resident and physical therapist Robin Tobias planted some sunflowers. She found them to be a cheery addition to her garden. This year, she doubled down, which is a bit of an understatement. “I planted seeds in a little tray, […]

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Sunflower garden blooms in University Heights neighborhood of Menlo Park

Menlo Park resident Robin Tobias (who owns Tobias Physical Therapy on Crane St.) planted sunflowers in her University Heights garden this year — and the results are spectacular. “This is the first year of planting a whole bed of sunflowers!” Robin explains. “I wanted to see smiles every morning in my garden. “I started 100 of […]

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