The Oasis beer garden Menlo Park

Four M-A classmates – left to right, Cynthia, Dennis, Alice, Linda (behind Alice) -stopped by the Oasis shortly after it opened today, and who did they run into but Shirley (far right), who was a year behind them. She’d come for a final goodbye from across the Bay.

Alice and Linda shared their first legal beer at the O over Christmas break in 1968, having both turned 21 earlier in December. And it’s pretty ironic that Alice is in town from out of state, to hoist another together.

Note to others who might want to stop by before final call tomorrow night (at least under the current ownership configuration): This morning, the long line that snaked outside and moved slowly was for people ordering food. If you just want a beverage, you might want to peak inside to see if that’s the case when you’re there. Plenty of empty tables, too (again at least early in the day today).

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