Trinity Church in Menlo Park

How do you get the attention of young children when there’s a bishop in church? No problem when you’re the Bishop of Myra aka St. Nicholas.

For over 30 years, St. Nicholas – as played by Woodside resident Dick Livermore – has been visiting Trinity Church on the Sunday closest to his feast day (Dec. 6) and telling the assembled children a tale about gold coins appearing in the shoes of poor little girls so that they’d have the dowry needed to marry.

Robert Ellsberg in his book All Saints relates how the Bishop of Myra, who served in a provincial capital of Asia Minor (now Turkey), was transformed into the man we now know as Santa Claus: “The most curious development in the cult of St. Nicholas has been the amalgamation of this fourth-century bishop with the features of a Scandinavian elf.

“The transfiguration of St. Nicholas into Santa Claus has been traced to Dutch Protestants living in New Amsterdam. As the story made it its way back to England the familiar features of Father Christmas gradually took shape until he had achieved his eventual iconographic status.”

Photo by Francs Freyberg (c) 2019

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Bell Choir celebrates with a 21st anniversary concert

The Bell Choir at Trinity Church in Menlo Park is celebrating its 21st anniversary with a concert on Sunday, June 9, at 7:00 pm featuring a selection of classical, popular and sacred music — a range to please most everyone according to founding — and longest tenured members — Shirley Hagey (left in photo) and […]

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It’s blessing of the animals day at Trinity Church in Menlo Park

About a dozen local pets came to be blessed at Trinity Church in Menlo Park this morning, but as the Rev. Matthew Dutton Gillett had said in advance: “Stuffed animals are welcome too.” That drew baby Olivia, her dad and a stuffed rabbit, who was promptly blessed by Aaron Klinefelter, the associate for children and family […]

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Christian and Muslim youth learn about each other’s traditions at Trinity Church in Menlo Park

Youth from Trinity Church in Menlo Park spent an afternoon with Muslim youth on Sunday, March 4, part of an on-going exploration that focuses on raising awareness about the lives and faith practices of the two groups. Last fall, the local Episcopal church began a year-long theme of Interfaith Harmony, which included  large-scale events such […]

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Spotted: Local youth on church mission trip visiting Anna Eshoo

Nine youth from Trinity Church in Menlo Park have been in Washington, DC, this past week on a mission trip that focused on homelessness. This morning they met with Congresswoman Anna Eshoo at her office on Capital Hill. The wrote on Facebook: “We appreciated your ear for our questions and concerns as well as providing us with […]

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Spotted: Shoes “listening” to Easter sermon at Trinity Church

We admit to being influenced by the photojournalists we’ve known who manage to capture an image that’s just a little bit off kilter, which ultimately makes it better than if it had been “perfect”. That is our take on this photo shot during the Rev. Matthew Dutton-Gillett’s sermon during the Easter service this morning at […]

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9/11 remembrance service at Trinity Church on Sept. 11 with representatives from three faith traditions

Representatives from the Christian, Jewish and Muslim faiths will take part in a 9/11 remembrance service at Trinity Church in Menlo Park at 5:00 pm on Sunday, Sept. 11, which is the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks. All interested community members are invited to attend. “Our hope is not only to provide a simple […]

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Teens learn life lessons on mission trip to Nashville

Editor’s note: Contributor Annalise Deal will be a sophomore at Menlo-Atherton High School; she’s interested in journalism from both a writing and photography perspective. If you’re a student with an interesting experience this summer, we’d love to hear from you! Send your stories/photos to [email protected] The opportunity to talk about life with those who have […]

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Spotted: Blessing of the Animals at Trinity Church

Ignoring the cloudy skies,  faithful pet owners gathered at Trinity Church for its annual Blessing of the Animals service. The Rev. Matthew Dutton-Gillett presided at the short service, which was held in the church courtyard. About a dozen dogs — plus one cat and a few stuffed animals — were on hand to receive blessings. […]

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