In a scene that may have taken place in towns and cities across the country, pre-ordered but undelivered (a signature was required)  iPads were stacked up in the UPS distribution center in Menlo Park today, the first day Apple’s new device was available to the public. In what seemed like an usually good example of customer service (and also probably smart business – no need for re-delivery),  local UPS representatives were calling the intended recipients to let them know they could pick up their iPads until 5:00 this afternoon.

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UPS cyclist delivers in time for naughty and nice

Bruce was a bit startled when this contributor raced across the street to get a photograph. She ‘d heard whispers about these cart pedalers descending on mid-Peninsula residents; an internet search confirmed that UPS was deploying about two dozen in the area. Writes Mike Cassidy in the San Jose Mercury: “You might think UPS’s bike […]

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