West Bay Sanitary District

Phase one of the West Bay Sanitary Disctrict’s sewer pipeline project began today on the corner of Oak Knoll and Oak, descending towards Sand Hill – just in time for the start of Oak Knoll School next Tuesday (8/24).

West Bay construction inspector Keith Brown told InMenlo that the main work being done today was digging up a manhole (photo left). This effectively blocks one half of the busy Oak/Oak Knoll intersection, which parents in cars and kids on bikes go through to get to the School.

In addition to the disruption caused by the digging, which is being sub-contracted to California Trenchless, “Tow Away – No Parking ” signs now line areas of both Oak Knoll (where there is no parking on school days anyway) and Oak, a popular parking spot for parents who then walk their children to School a block away. If the signage is correct, these areas will not be available for parking until Sept. 17.

Brown said he’s hopeful that the worst of the construction disruption will be over before the school term begins. “Once school starts, the crews will be working 9:00 am to 3:00 pm instead of 8:oo am to 4:30 pm,” he added.

The other six segments of the sewer pipeline project extend down Bay Laurel to San Mateo Drive, including some perpendicular streets, and areas between Cambridge and Harvard Avenues and Creek Drive. Completion is scheduled for December.

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