While We Wait Fund

Update: Donations will now be matched through December, 2014

Emailed Atherton resident Terri Bullock (pictured right): “My sister, diagnosed seven years ago with early onset Alzheimer’s, had become almost totally non-verbal and immobile. For her birthday, our family spent the day watching her listen to a playlist of her favorite music, singing along and even standing to dance with her husband. It was truly a magical day in the midst of this long, hard journey.

“In the following weeks, her health rapidly declined, yet she continued to ask for her music. With her death, I’m imagining the angels in Heaven checking out her playlist and preparing a personalized concert for her. Sis, may you sing and dance with the angels, knowing you are loved and dearly missed.

“In her memory, I’m hoping to provide the gift of personalized music to as many residents as possible in the state of California. I learned of the power of custom playlists through the Sundance 2014 Documentary Audience Award winning film, Alive Inside – A Story of Music & Memory, a film that follows Dan Cohen as he helps memory-impaired residents reawaken their brains with the simple, profound experience of listening to their favorite music.

“All donations help: $60 is enough to provide one resident an iPod and headphones. $2,500 to $7,500 is enough to equip a facility to build their iTunes library, train their staff and provide iPods and headphones for all their residents.”

Terri and her ex-husband, Henry, are matching donations make in November up to $200,000. Checks can be made payable to “Silicon Valley Community Foundation” and noting “While We Wait Fund” in the memo line. Mail your donation to: Silicon Valley Community Foundation Fund, 2440 West El Camino Real, Suite 300, Mountain View, CA 94040. Or visit www.while-we-wait.org and click on Donate Now. Contributions to the “While We Wait Fund” will be used to provide support to Music and Memory , a non-profit creating custom, joy-infused playlists, delighting both residents and caregivers