Women’s View 2018

If ever there was a body of work that validated those big Apple billboards touting the iPhone as a camera, it’s photographs taken by Menlo Park resident Nathalie Strand.

Her basement studio is a treasure trove of images, one of which is on display at the Hall of Justice (400 County Center) in Redwood City as part of Women’s View – 2018 from now through the end of April. Nathalie’s photograph, What May Come, is one of three Best of Shows.

Photography wasn’t Nathalie’s first calling. Born and raised in France, she set out to be a children’s book illustrator, taking classes at the Academy of Arts in San Francisco. Giving birth to twins, followed by a serious illness, derailed that path.

“My life stopped for a period of four years,” she explained. “About the only thing I could do was take pictures. But I now believe I had to go through the health issues to find my calling.”

While at art school, Nathalie did take photography, learning to use a manual camera and how to develop film. “I knew what photos I wanted to take but wasn’t very good at it,” she recalled. “Then the iPhone came out and I started taking details and corners of things, accumulating a good number of photographs.

“When I got my health back about a year ago, I began to review the photos I’d taken and started to combine them. It was all a bit by accident to see what would happen. I loved the result.

“Now I take pictures all the time and put them together, creating a new series every month or two. Using PhotoShop, I make the composites, select the ones I like and rework the contrast and colors. I often print them on aluminum.”

Nathalie’s photographic efforts may soon take a new direction. She’s purchased a Fuji camera, and, inspired by the work of Vivian Maier, is interested in trying her hand at street photography.

More of Nathalie’s photographic images can be viewed on her website.

Photo of Nathalie by Kate Kennedy (c) 2018; Nathalie’s photo, “What May Come,” used with permission

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