wooden horse in Menlo Park

Update: Wouldn’t you know that this mystery was solved, at least in part, just 30 minutes after this was posted. We heard from InMenlo copy editor Pat Guyer, who should know about sculptors given that she’s married to sculptor Terry Guyer. Pat emailed: “That horse is by Deborah Butterfield. She has one at the Cantor. She is great. Who put it there I don’t know but it couldn’t have been cheap.”

This we know: the horse made of sculpted wood appeared first at the corner of Willow and Middlefield roads after Sunset vacated its two headquarter buildings in Menlo Park. Who put it there, why it is there, and the name of the artist who sculpted it, we do not know. Maybe one of our InMenlo readers has the scoop.

These days it’s surrounded by a blaze of spring poppies. InMenlo contributing photographer Frances Freyberg captured the horse from a couple of different angles when out for a walk.