yarn art in Menlo Park

We’ve had a number of readers ask about the ever-growing number of yarn arms/hands wrapped around telephone poles along the Fremont Park side of  Santa Cruz Avenue. They’re scattered between San Mateo Drive and University Avenue, taking tree hugging to a new level.

Discovering this morning that the hugging had taken a right turn literally — there’s a new installation on a pole on University across from Peet’s, the first, to our knowledge, not on Santa Cruz — we decided to put this mystery out to our readers with the hope of having someone solve the case: Who is performing this wonderful and whimsical artwork — and why?

One reader emailed some context (particularly for those of us who don’t knit and don’t understand its complexity): “Based on knitting styles, yarns and pattern choices, I’d say there are at least two knitters — or maybe a whole knitting club!”

InMenlo contributing photographer Robb Most gave up part of his Sunday to photograph the yarn arms. We present a selection here. It was hard to choose; they are all so bright and cheerful!

Who can we thank???

Photos by Robb Most (c) 2019