“Drop Off Salad” cheers the giver and the recipient

by Alexis Murphy on March 8, 2013

drop off salad veggies

drop off salad_2Last week was terrible. It was the kind of week that you didn’t want to answer the phone or check the email because bad news was everywhere.

It was also a time that I was glad to have our recipe for the “Drop Off Salad”. It is the perfect salad to leave at someone’s door because it is healthy, pretty, delicious, and gets even better over time.

It is really a version of Italian Giardiniera — chopped vegetables marinated in a simple vinaigrette. We usually drop it off with pasta, a great jarred marinara and a baguette to make an easy dinner.

Menlo Park resident Alexis Murphy shares her creative ideas online at Jac o’lyn Murphy where this first appeared; used with permission.

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