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InMenlo was launched in June 2009 as a place for us to read what we’ve always wanted to know about our home town – stories about all of us and the events, places, and highlights of living in Menlo Park.

Founded by Linda and Chris Gulker and Scott Loftesness, InMenlo aims to be a community service by providing interesting and useful articles that you’ll find interesting and will enjoy reading.

Since InMenlo was launched, it has become a regular daily read for many in Menlo Park – including you! We really appreciate your regular readership – and always enjoy your comments, suggestions and those new story ideas that help keep us going. And, we especially welcome you telling your friends and colleagues about InMenlo and helping spread the word!

To help us continue to provide InMenlo as a service to the Menlo Park community, we invite you to become an InMenlo sponsor. Sponsor advertisements are 125×125 pixels in size and displayed in the right sidebar on InMenlo – see an example on the right. Initially, a maximum of five ads will be displayed and will rotate with each page view among the five vertical positions. Each ad will be linked to your website – clicks on an ad will open a new window in the reader’s browser displaying your content.

We welcome you considering sponsorship of InMenlo. Your support will help us enhance and grow the kind of features, news, and community information that we can provide to the Menlo Park community. If you’d like to learn more about becoming a sponsor, email us at sponsors@inmenlo.com and we’ll get back to you with the details. And, if you need help creating your ad, we can provide that too.

Thank you for considering becoming an InMenlo sponsor!


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