Students were back on the Menlo Atherton High School campus yesterday for the start of the 2019-2020 school year. InMenlo contributing photographer – and M-A senior – Lena Kalotihos captured the enthusiasm of one identified goofy guy along with a quartet of gals: Kylie Wong left, Emily Zurcher on the bottom, Toni Shindler-Ruberg right, and Alise Johnson on top.

Photos by Lena Kalotihos (c)2019

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Spotted: Winning horse and rider of the Stephen Silver Grand Prix at the Menlo Charity Horse Show

Emails InMenlo contributing photographer Jules Appleby: “A gorgeous late Summer evening last Saturday at the Menlo CircusCclub that drew a big crowd of locals, members, and the equestrian community to watch the finalists ride in the Stephen Silver Grand Prix at the Menlo Charity Horse Show. “A spectacular round secured first prize to trainer Harley […]

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Spotted: Multi-colored grape cluster

InMenlo contributing photographer Betsy Sergeant Snow spotted this gorgeous grape cluster on a trip up to Healdsburg. Reports Laura Ness who writes about wine for a variety of local publications: “t’s called veraison – the process of grapes turning from green to red/purple. in the case of white varieties, they turn to gold or copper.

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Spotted: Circumzenithal arc over Menlo Park

Menlo Park resident David Sowerine sent us photos of a circumzenithal arc spotted overhead in Menlo Park last night shortly before 7:00 pm. And yes that got us scrambling for the dictionary. David was good enough to send a link to Atmospheric Optics with more information: “The circumzenithal arc, CZA, is the most beautiful of […]

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Spotted: Perfect 4th of July car

On our way to the parade downtown we passed what we think it the perfect 4th of July car.  Alas, we didn’t catch the make, but it’s owner’s name is on the door – Menlo Park watchmaker Franz Lorist – so we’ll find out more about the car and its history next time we’re near […]

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Spotted: Lots of Stars and Stripes!

As is is the custom, Sally and Bill Russ’s front yard on Cotton Street is festively decorated with American flags for the 4th of July. Bill thinks there are 60 to 70 flags this year!

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Spotted: Demonstrators protesting children’s detention camps

Menlo Park resident Judy Adams (pictured center with mic) was among the hundreds who took part in a sidewalk demonstration on the corner of Embarcadero and El Camino yesterday in protest of children’s detention camps for asylum seekers. Judy thanked people for coming, talked about the issue of the children’s detention camps, and invited participants to the […]

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Spotted: Porta potties at Fremont Park

Update on June 30: They’re no longer there. In full disclosure, this writer’s spouse started a campaign of sorts last summer bringing signs saying “where are the potties?” to Fremont Park concerts. He even wrote an opinion piece for InMenlo. So both of us were surprised to see port potties at Fremont Park last Sunday. […]

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Spotted: Pencil posts at Encinal School

Encinal Elementary School art teacher Stephanie Noon officially celebrated the completion of the “pencil posts”  on Wednesday (June 12) with a special gathering of students who helped transform ordinary hallway posts into colorful pencils. The Encinal art students, along with third grade Girl Scout Brownie Troop 62689 — led by Encinal teacher and mom Aimee […]

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Spotted: Tree down in Atherton

Emailed Jym Clendenin: “Park Lane at Valparaiso completely blocked at 6:00 am.” We ‘re guessing Jym was out for  a ‘before-the=heat-hits” run…

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Spotted: Oak Knoll students cheering on former Otters in winning World Cup match

Oak Knoll Otters spent their lunch recess Tuesday watching the USA/Thailand World Cup soccer match. Not one, but two Oak Knoll alumni, Abby Dahlkemper and Tierna Davidson, are on the world cup team. The current students had so much fun cheering on their fellow Otters! As the school says, “Once an Otter, always an Otter.” […]

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