Personal memories #2: Hillview Drive

by Linda Hubbard on August 27, 2009

This contributor was fortunate enough to grow up on Hillview Drive in Menlo Park. Her parents, John and Edith Hubbard, were original owners, purchasing 1100 Hillview Drive in 1951. She can still remember the names of the other three families that lived in the first four houses on the east side of the street, going north from Santa Cruz Avenue: Ehmke, Ott and Conner.

She recently learned that their neighbor on the other side of the street at 1145 Hillview Drive – the Mathisons – were the first to buy in what was called Hillview Manor, moving in in December, 1950. They are also the last original owners on the street – and there will be no more. Ruth Mathison died a year ago. They house is now for sale, not quite 59 years from the date of its first purchase.


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