Off to Work – at the Menlo Park Library

by Scott Loftesness on October 11, 2009

It’s another Sunday afternoon and, like the last couple, I’m off to work at the Menlo Park Library. For some reason, when I’m just trying to get some writing done, the library feels like one of the best places to work!

I’ve got a perfectly great office – both at work and at home, actually – but they’ve proven not to be the best places for me to write. Wonder why that is? – some sense of distractions, perhaps clutter, whatever. It’s not that the library lacks clutter, by the way, but it’s not a distracting clutter that’s calling out to me to try to organize it or deal with it – like the clutter in my other offices!

mp-library-230pxNow that I think a bit more about it, I guess going to the library is sort of like going to the gym to workout! It’s not so much about the workout equipment as it is about just getting out into a different environment!

And, the library isn’t perfectly quiet either – but it’s a respectful quiet with just the sound of folks reading, browsing papers and magazines, etc. The libraries just right for me in this regard – for when I’m trying to get out of whatever box I’m in and get more creative.

One other thing I always find interesting about the library is how the PC workstations available for public Internet use at the library are seemingly always fully occupied!

If you haven’t been recently, come visit the Menlo Park Library – a delightful resource for this great place to live!


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