Local high school students meet with – and make recommendations to – Congresswoman Anna Eshoo

by Robin Tobias on May 26, 2010

Last Saturday (5/22) the 31-member Student Advisory Board to Representative Anna Eshoo met with the Congresswoman to present the results of their year’s work. The group, begun by Eshoo in 1993 (around the time most of these kids were born!) was created for the purpose of giving young people, most of them not old enough to vote, a direct voice to the Congresswoman.

The Board is made up of high school students from the 14th Congressional District – including those from Menlo-Atherton. This past year they chose technology as their focus, dividing into groups to study different areas such as civil liberties, education, green technology, international relations, intellectual property, and healthcare, among others. They took turns speaking to the Congresswoman, aided by prepared speeches and a collective slide presentation. Each member concluded with recommendations for action or further study.

Congresswoman Eshoo listened intently and interjected occasionally to add her viewpoint or ask questions.  She told the students that their written report would be delivered by her to the local school boards and would become part of the Library of Congress in Washington D.C. She promised to get back to them on her recommendations, based on their findings, in conjunction with the perspectives of other constituents.

“You have really pinpointed where the challenges lie…” said Congresswoman Eshoo. “This reminds me of all the work we have left to do.”

She concluded: “I want to say to each of you…I think America has a bright future. You inspire me…in tough times, inspiration is that much more valuable.”

After the presentation Eshoo was in no hurry to leave. She shook hands and presented certificates to each student, stayed for group and individual photos, and spoke personally with the students.


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