Frances Freyberg: Following her passion for photograhy around the world

by Chris Gulker on June 20, 2010

freyberg_300.jpgThere seems to be a Menlo Park meme: Young person finds success at a local tech giant only to decide that cubicle culture, no matter how well-paid, is not for them.

So it was with Menlo-based photographer Frances Freyberg, who steeled her nerves and jumped feet first into her two passions — travel and photography. Her first self-assigned project was to travel around the world, photographing everything she found interesting. Working with a pocket-sized camera, Frances produced a remarkable tome, Around the World in 30,000 photographs, recording her journeys to 45 countries.

“Through my photographs, I hope to educate people about our world, and inspire them to get out and explore it for themselves — whether that means traveling to another country or simply walking around a new neighborhood in Menlo Park,” she says. “Photographs have inspired so many of my own adventures, and that’s what I hope to do for others. For example, if my photo [above, photographed at Allied Arts] leads someone who’s never visited Allied Arts to go check it out for the first time, I’ll have accomplished my goal.

“Whether abroad or at home in Menlo Park, I seek out scenes that express the beauty, excitement, humor and diversity of our world, and I try to convey those scenes in a way that expands a viewer’s perspective, challenges their assumptions and shows a familiar subject or location in a new light.”

Frances has begun to attract critical acclaim for her work and is now represented by the Portola Art Gallery. Her work is currently on display (until June 30) at Mike’s Cafe, 150 Middlefield Road in Menlo Park.

Dahlia, Allied Arts photograph by Frances Freyberg. Used with permission.

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