Uniform drive for Willow Oaks students is underway

by Linda Hubbard on August 24, 2010

InMenlo received an email from Kathleen Daly, owner of Cafe Zoe, about a uniform drive for students at Willow Oaks school that has just begun and she expects will take the next couple of weeks to accomplish:

“Some members of our community need your help. Just around the corner [from Cafe Zoe] on Willow Road is the Willow Oaks School, a an elementary school that educates hundreds of students in the Ravenswood School District.  A few years ago the school adopted a school uniform policy.  Students are required to wear a white shirt and black pants/shorts to school everyday. Research suggests that there are academic, social, and economic factors that support and enhance the educational experience of younger students by requiring school uniforms.

“However, not all families can financially absorb the cost. In support of our neighborhood and community, we are seeking donations to include cash, gift cards, and gently-used white shirts and black pants.  $7 will buy a child a new white shirt: $12-19 will buy a pair of pants.  This is a Kindergarten – 8th grade student population so the size range varies considerably, but the school will assist in making sure the clothing is distributed appropriately.

“The white shirts can be button-down, collared, non-collared, or polo.  Black pants/shorts should be trouser style, not jeans.  All donations can be dropped off at Cafe Zoë (1929 Menalto Avenue, MP) where they will be sorted and distributed to the school.”

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