Everyone should buy Zero History by William Gibson

by Linda Hubbard on September 10, 2010

Disclaimer: one member of the InMenlo team is long time fan of author William Gibson who will be at Kepler’s tonight at 7:00 pm. Another member of the team (this writer) became a fan due to Gibson’s simple act of kindness recounted by Chris Gulker on his blog. And that’s why we’re suggesting that everyone in Menlo Park and Atherton buy his latest novel, Zero History. This man has a big heart!

Gibson is best known as science fiction writer. The Boston Globe calls him “one of the most visionary, original, and quietly influential writers currently working.” In an interview published in Kepler’s The Indie Reader, he was asked “How does science fiction (or fiction in general) enable us to explore the world and time that we line in,” to which he replied:

“Given the nature of the world today, any attempt at literary naturalism, in a present-day scenario, involves a constantly emergent body of what previously were science fiction scenarios (global warming, the Internet, new media, new medical technology…). The tool-kit of science fiction allows for the disassembly and examination of this often bewildering present.”

To the question, how can stories change the world, he answered: “I think that ‘the world’ consists, in some rather literal if mysterious way, of stories. New stories, new world.”

We’ll be in in the front row tonight at Kepler’s – come join us! You can get a double dose of culture by hanging around after and listening to the Cafe Borrone All Stars led by Clint Baker.

Photo by Michael O’Shea

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