Lost kitten finds a happy, new home – and tells us all about it!

by Linda Hubbard on September 14, 2010

Ok, we admit to feeling just a little smug now that “matchmaker” has been added to InMenlo’s credits. Last week we helped spread the word that an orange kitten with a lot of personality had been found near Oak Knoll School in the hopes that his owner could be located. That didn’t happen but the story does end happily ever after. Seeing the notice, and being cat-less since last December, M-A Foundation for the Future Executive Director Cindy Folker ( below, right) offered to adopt the kitten, now named Kona. We captured the hand off moment from Courtney Gillette, who’d found the kitten in her backyard.

But there’s more! We just got an email from Kona himself, reporting his good fortune to have landed so well:

Courtney Gillette and Cindy Folker“I am writing to tell you about my new home with the Folkers.  It is nice here, and everyone likes me a lot.  They call me Kona, and I have my own bed, lots of food, new toys, and hugs and kisses.  I have been a little bit of a scaredy cat, and I have a favorite bed I hide under, but they encourage me to come out and play.  Sometimes now I even come out when called.  I like sitting on laps, and I love tummy rubs.  I also like to scratch the oriental rugs, and jump on the dining table, which the Folkers mentioned that “good” cats don’t do, but I don’t know how they know what cats do, so I am ignoring them.

“I had to go to the doctor yesterday, which wasn’t very fun – I got shots!  The doctor said that I am 10 weeks old.  I tested negative for feline leukemia and kitty AIDS, and everyone was really happy about that news.  I have to take antibiotics for my paws and infected eyes, and the doctor gave me some pain medicine, too.  I also have to take medicine for something called parasites in my intestines, and it doesn’t taste good.  I had to have a treatment for fleas.  The doctor said I have to come back two more times for shots, but do you want to hear some great news? The doctor said I get to come back in a couple of months to get tutored!  That is wonderful, because the boys here are going to college soon, and I know a good education is important.

“Well, that’s all for now.  Thanks for everything you did for me – I will never forget you or your kindness.  Come visit me any time, and I will stay in touch.”

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